Endometriosis Treatment: Here is what you need to know

Endometriosis treatment in Dubai

Endometriosis is a common, chronic disorder where tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside of the uterus and on other organs. It is mainly caused due to retrograde menstrual flow and genetic factors. Endometriosis can make it difficult to conceive, and up to 30% to 50% of women with endometriosis may experience infertility. This […]

Smoking & Conception

smoking & conception

What starts with peer pressure in early years becomes an obsessive compulsion to have a cigarette in later years. The addiction to nicotine is so poisonous that situations can be created to have a smoke. It’s the urge to smoke to gain satisfaction, urge to smoke for not to feel alone, the urge to smoke to celebrate success, the urge to smoke to cope up with failures…

Obesity & Reproduction

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Obesity is on the rise. It is currently a global epidemic. Nearly 50% of women in the reproductive age group are overweight or obese. As per WHO, worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975. Obesity has become a big burden on the health sector as its adverse effects are plenty.Obesity is measured as per the BMI, Body mass index…

IVF Success Story 1

IVF Success story

Mrs. KU and Mr. KS, aged 35 years and 38 years, presented with secondary infertility and anxious to conceive since 5 years. The couple have one child age 8 years old and one miscarriage following the 1st pregnancy. They tried few cycles of ovulation induction and artificial insemination treatment elsewhere but was not successful…

IVF Success Story 2

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HR and DP, aged 36 years and 38 years, had seeked consultation for secondary infertility. The couple have 1 child age 3 years and were planning since past 1 year to achieve conception. They were highly stressed out with the thought that what seemed to be a simple event during their first conception turned out to be more complex at

IVF Success Story 3


RR and AK aged 29 years and 32 years seeked consultation for secondary infertility. She conceived immediately after her marriage but she had a miscarriage. She had been trying 4 years without success. On evaluation, she had very poor ovarian reserve and her anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) was 0.4 which was suggestive of diminished ovarian…

IVF Success Story 4

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AA and VH aged 29 years and 32 years had come to seek fertility treatment. The couple was actively trying to achieve conception since 4 years. She was obese with a BMI of 40. She was rejected treatment at other clinics because of her obesity and was told that she will never be able to conceive. This discouraged her. She had an active…

IVF Success Story 5

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MM was 34 years with 10 years of infertility history. She underwent numerous cycles of fertility treatment but was not successful. On evaluation, she had very poor ovarian reserve meaning there wasn’t too many eggs left in her ovary. Her AMH level was 0.2 and inspite of high dose of injections she had only 1 follicle.

IVF Success Story 6

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SC and JC, both 34 years old, married since 8 years and trying actively since 6 years. The couple visited numerous clinics only to be diagnosed with PCOS and menstrual abnormalities. She was always treated with hormones to regularize her period. The periods were regular only on treatment for that particular cycle otherwise irregular.

7 Infertility Disorders That Can Be Treated Via IVF Or ICSI Only

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Couples suffering from infertility are recommended in-vitro fertilization IVF/ICSI only if other assisted reproductive technology (ART) options wouldn’t be applicable or would have a low success rate. Though it is the most commonly used ART treatment …