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Family Balancing in Dubai:

Most of us dream of having a family of at least two kids. But a “balanced family” is when the children of the family are of both genders. If you already have a son or daughter, you would want to balance your family with another child of the opposite gender. It is through IVF treatment and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) that family balancing treatment can be done. You don’t need to have an infertility problem to opt for IVF tests or procedures. You can always opt for IVF- PGT to detect chromosomal problems, avoid miscarriages, or as in this case, balance your family.

Infertility clinic offer this special service only to those couples who already have a child or children.

What Is Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) & How Does It Work?

A PGT is an embryo testing procedure designed to screen the chromosomes in an embryo and detect abnormalities before implantation. It is typically performed on developing embryos to determine if:

  • Any of the embryos are healthy 
  • Any of the embryos are of the desired gender
  • Are there any chromosomal abnormalities 

First, our doctor harvests the eggs from the stimulated follicles and fertilizes them with the male partner’s sperm throughICSI procedure.  It typically takes 5 to 6 days after fertilization, which is the blastocyst stage after which the embryos are taken up for PGT testing. Once the cells are biopsied the blastocyst embryo is frozen and the cells are sent for 24 chromosomes screening.

A crucial point to note here is that PGT is only for analyzing the embryos and in no way can modify an embryo to be of a specific gender. 

What happens After PGT Testing?

If healthy embryos of the desired gender are found in the PGT test, they are prepared for the embryo transfer stage. Our IVF Consultant may only use one embryo to avoid multiple pregnancies.  Transfer of more than one embryo depends on strict criteria like advanced maternal age, previous implantation failure. Multiple pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy and is discussed in detail with the couples. Elective single embryo transfer ensures healthy pregnancy, healthy mother and child.

You can choose to freeze additional embryos and preserve them for planning future pregnancies.

How Accurate Is The PGT Test?

The PGT test offers information about all the 24 chromosomes in an embryo with a 98% accuracy. A chromosomally screened embryo has a better chance of implantation and healthy outcome. Hence, your chances of conceiving a child of the desired gender are significantly higher with this PGT/IVF-driven family balancing cycle.

However, various factors can affect your chances, such as your reproductive history, age, and several medical diagnostics. Even if you are not diagnosed with any infertility issue, this PGT-IVF cycle does not guarantee the expected results of pregnancy.

Dr. Partha Das leads one of the best family balancing in Dubai that offers safe and highly effective family balancing consultation and treatments. If you are a parent planning your next child, feel free to consult him to know more about family balancing.