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ICSI Treatment in dubai

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI (pronounced as ik-see) is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure that is mostly recommended to tackle male infertility factors or problems that prevent the sperms from penetrating the eggs. It offers a higher level of control and precision in culturing embryos through the IVF process. 

In the natural fertilization process, a sperm must be healthy enough to swim through the fallopian tube to reach an ovum (egg) and penetrate through its thick membrane to fertilize it. Hence, for men with low sperm count or weak sperm and women with low egg capacity, the chances of egg-sperm fusion are drastically reduced, even with traditional IVF treatment.

First implemented in 1992, ICSI treatment has evolved to suit various infertility issues that are more common in specific ethnicities or locations. Under the excellent supervision of Dr. Partha Das, ICSI treatment in Dubai is offered to our patients of all races and origins with a personalized approach in Dubai. Note that ICSI is not an alternative to IVF but an elective procedure of the IVF process that modifies the embryo culturing step and obtain more number of fertilized eggs.

When Is The ICSI Procedure Suggested?

ICSI treatment can be opted by any couple to increase the chances of developing healthy embryos through IVF. However, it is most commonly recommended when the male partner is diagnosed with the following issues:

  • Oligospermia, which indicates significantly lower sperm count
  • Weak or immotile sperms
  • Blockage in the male reproductive tract
  • Poor sperm morphology
  • Sperms obtained through TESA or mTESA procedures.


Other reasons why our IVF doctor may suggest a couple to opt for ICSI treatment may include:

  • If they already tried the traditional IVF process without any success means suboptimal fertilization.
  • If they opt to use previously frozen eggs
  • If one of them has undergone cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy
  • If one of them has an unknown or undiagnosable Infertility disorder

How Is The ICSI Procedure Performed?

ICSI treatment aims at manually fertilizing the female egg with healthy sperm. This process is carried out in the following step

Egg Retrieval:

In the female partner, the ovulation cycle is tracked, and multiple eggs are retrieved through superovulation. These eggs are screened for maturity and each mature egg is inseminated with one healthy sperm.

Sperm Retrieval:

The IVF doctor may choose to extract healthy sperms from the male partner’s semen sample or directly from their testicles using a TESE procedure. The doctor screens these sperms, and healthy sperm is selected for insemination.

Sperm Injection:

The embryologist now uses a micropipette, an injecting device with a thin needle loaded with the selected sperm, and carefully injects it through the egg’s membrane under a microscope. This inseminated egg is monitored and cultured in an incubator.

ICSI procedure increases the success rate of fertilization by 50% to 80%. It has proven to be a promising treatment for improving the chances of pregnancy in couples undergoing the IVF process. With the guidance of Dr. Partha Das, We aim to offer the most cost-effective ICSI treatment in Dubai to couples who have already suffered failed IVF cycles elsewhere  or who are scheduled for fresh fertility treatment to maximize their chances of completing their family.