Infertility is when a couple cannot have children after one year of unprotected intercourse. Infertility is a global health issue affecting millions of people of reproductive age worldwide. Below are the most common reasons for infertility and the effective treatment techniques discussed by Dr. Partha Das, a renowned infertility doctor in Dubai.

What are the most common reasons for fertility?

Infertility causes in men

The most common causes of infertility in men are:

Infertility causes in women

Given below are the most common causes of fertility problems in women:



Clomiphene (Clomid) is the first recommended treatment option for women with ovulation problems practiced in the best Infertility clinic in Dubai. Another medicine known as letrozole can also be used for ovulation induction. These can be offered with or without injectable hormones. For men, these medications and male fertility supplements can help increase sperm count and quality by improving testicular health.


Surgery is used to treat infertility that is caused due to structural problems. It involves correcting problems associated with the pelvic anatomy and removing fibroids that misshape the uterine activity or removing the pelvic or uterine adhesions. Laparoscopy is the most prevalent surgical approach for treating infertility in women. For men, this can include vasectomy reversal, tissue biopsies, and varicocele treatment, and microsurgical procedures to obtain sperms.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART)

Assisted reproductive techniques are a group of fertility procedures that help women who cannot conceive a child independently. Given below are some different types of ART.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is another assisted reproductive process that helps infertile couples conceive. Embryos are fertilized in a petri dish and cultured in the lab. In this procedure, a semen sample containing healthy sperms is mixed with an egg collected from the female partner in the laboratory. Once the eggs get fertilised and form into an embryo, it is implanted inside the woman’s uterus in the hope of a successful pregnancy.

Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is considered the first-line treatment for Tally Prime 32 Bit Download unexplained infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, and male factor infertility. It involves a healthy sperm being IndiaFont injected directly into the woman’s Anu Script Manager  uterine cavity during ovulation. The procedure can either be performed with the help of the partner’s sperm or donor sperm. Both Fallopian tubes should be open and patent to VMware License Key achieve success with IUI.

Dr. Partha Das is the best Infertility doctor in Dubai. He has 18 years of experience in treating complex cases of infertility. To this date, he has helped many couples overcome their infertility issues and achieve parenthood. So if you are looking for the best infertility clinic in Dubai, book your appointment with us.

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