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Egg Freezing Or Cryopreservation

Planning motherhood has become a challenging task for the women of the 21st Century, who aspire to achieve their personal goals, take care of their family’s financial needs, while tackling unique health disorders that can affect their fertility directly or indirectly. Hence, a lesser-known assisted reproductive technology (ART) methodology has gained popularity recently, which allows women to preserve their chances of conceiving at a later age when they are ready physically and mentally, known as ‘egg freezing.’

Oocyte cryopreservation or egg freezing is the process of storing the female partner’s eggs by freezing them at subzero temperatures so that they can be used for conceiving later. This method was first practiced successfully around 1986 and has evolved to be highly safe and cost-effective. At our egg freezing center in Dubai, we ensure the highest quality for oocyte freezing by utilizing the latest vitrification technology.

How Does Egg Freezing Work?

The egg freezing process involves harvesting the eggs after a  controlled ovarian stimulation and cryopreserving them in liquid nitrogen. 

First, our IVF specialist will determine the average oocytes the female partner can produce during an ovulation cycle through blood tests and ultrasound. Based on the results, the required dose of ovarian stimulation medications will be decided. These hormonal medications are injected daily for 10-12 days till follicles are ready for harvesting procedure. Each egg is assessed for maturity, and quality and only the selected matured eggs are cryopreserved through vitrification. Here, the eggs are placed in liquid nitrogen which is rapidly cooled at subzero temperature and stored inside a nitrogen-based unit.

When required for fertilization in the future, the frozen eggs are thawed and are checked for survival and overall health, and the healthy eggs are then fertilized manually through Intracytoplasmic sperm insemination (ICSI) treatment. 

Who Can Opt For Egg Freezing?

Practically, any woman can choose to preserve their eggs for the future due to personal reasons. But it is highly recommended for women who:

  • Might require chemotherapy or pelvic radiation therapy for cancer treatment
  • Have been diagnosed with breast cancer that causes genetic mutations like the BRCA mutation
  • Have a history of cancers in their bloodline requiring aggressive treatment.
  • May require a pelvic surgery for various medical reasons
  • Have a family history of early menopause or chromosomal disorders
  • Have been suffering from ovarian diseases like PCOS
  • Want to achieve professional goals at a young age and be a mother later, preferably after 35 years of age
  • Have social or personal reasons to delay childbirth

If you’re looking for options to delay your motherhood while ensuring your newborn’s health, you must consult Dr. Partha Das to know how our egg freezing center in Dubai can be your long-term solution.