IVF Success Story 2
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All it takes is a little bit of talking, guidance and counselling to make the couple understand the basic physiology of baby making. The rest will follow….

HR and DP, aged 36 years and 38 years, had seeked consultation for secondary infertility. The couple have 1 child age 3 years and were planning since past 1 year to achieve conception. They were highly stressed out with the thought that what seemed to be a simple event during their first conception turned out to be more complex at present and this strained their relationship and also the husband started to have performance anxiety. After a thorough investigation, couple was counseled and educated about the normal reproduction physiology and the female partner was advised to follow up for regular follicular tracking and were advised intercourse only during the ovulation phase. The couple followed every advice offered to them and this seemed to level out their stress element. To everybody’s surprise, pregnancy test was positive and the couple still cannot believe that very soon and in a few more months the family will welcome their second child.

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dr partha das
Dr Partha Das

Dr Partha Das is a highly skilled fertility/IVF Physician specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr Partha consults and manages patients presenting with complex gynecological, male and female infertility issues and management of recurrent miscarriage and IVF failures.

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